The Follow A Filmmaker Campaign

A picture may paint a thousand words, but are people aware of the many unspoken words buried in the painting process; of triumphs and hardship; of joy and tears?

We want to change that.

Filmmaking can sometimes be considered an unpredictable journey in pursue of the impossible — and behind-the-scenes (BTS) are precious witnesses to the transformation moments in time when the script comes to life.

As such, from now till 13 August 2017, we are inviting all contesting filmmakers to participate in our new ‘Follow A Filmmaker’ campaign, where your unique BTS can be part of the storytelling process. No two filmmakers are ever the same, and we wish to bear witness to your personal filmmaking journey as you discover what “Connecting Lives” truly means to you.

How do you bring your story to life? If you will like us to follow you along on your filmmaking journey, drop us a private message or an email at enquiries@the5minvideo.com. And yes, wait no longer. ‘Cause we're really excited to see how it all happens!