There are literally thousands of websites out there for filmmakers – but we’ve narrowed it down for you – and here’s our list of five sites that make excellent resources for new and budding filmmakers (in no particular order).


Tony Zhou on Vimeo

If you’re interested in the theory behind filmmaking, it makes a good start to check out Tony Zhou on Vimeo. The creator of the masterful “Each Frame A Painting” series, the film essayist dissects various aspects of filmmaking and explains them easily to his audience in captivating video essays. Not only does he give unique insight to the workflow, but he goes further to examine the impulses and decision-making that go into the editing process. Most of his videos are below ten minutes, and the quick installments certainly pack a powerful punch.

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No Film School

Contrary to its name, No Film School is a full-fledged global community site for filmmakers, video producers, and independent creatives to learn from each other. With over 4,000 articles categorised for whatever field you’re interested in (e.g., screenwriting, directing, fundraising & crowdfunding), the website’s a wonderful resource for all things filmmaking.

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Film Riot

If movie effects are your thing, check out the web series Film Riot – a behind-the-scenes internet show that showcases the science behind different movie effects. From terrifying ‘empty eye socket’ effects to things you can only expect to find in a high-budget science-fiction film, here’s a how-to trip through filmmaking in a way you’ve probably never imagined!

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Nerdwriter1 on YouTube

Self-described as a “weekly video essay series that puts ideas to work”, Nerdwriter host Evan Puschak covers everything from art, culture, philosophy, science and politics in short get-to-the-point video essays that analyses and conveys complicated concepts in most compelling ways. His channel hosts fascinating thought pieces that are likely to transform the way you think about filmmaking.

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Indy Mogul

An Internet-based video webcast geared towards independent filmmakers and film lovers alike, Indy Mogul is all about fun and cheap filmmaking. If you’re interested in learning how you can make realistic special effects for cheap, or are just seeking new knowledge on how to further improve yourself, do check out their creative tutorials and short films. It’s definitely a good place to start.

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And with that, we’ve come to the end of our list – though we certainly hope you’ve found it helpful!

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