Follow A Filmmaker Series


In filmmaking, the journey’s rarely smooth-sailing. Instead, it’s all about real people with real stories to tell, and the struggles that we don’t always see. Anyone with a story can become a filmmaker – it’s not an exclusive craft – and great things can happen to ordinary people too. So if you’re someone who’s intrigued by the pursuit of the impossible, and the transformative magic that happens behind-the-scenes, you may be interested in checking out our brand new Follow A Filmmaker series.

The series will feature filmmakers of varying genre specializations and backgrounds, providing insights on the making of a film from their point-of view. Individual episodes will focus on the filmmakers’ unique experiences and other meaningful takeaways. The emphasis on the gritty journey of video storytelling and the self-exploration as the filmmakers themselves discover what “Connecting Lives” truly means to them brings out the bitter-sweet feelings of anyone who has ever made a film.

The first of the series features the team behind Rotasi, winning film of #T5MVC2016, and you can watch their story of success below.

Also available are the following stories on Eileen and her team (#T5MVC2017):

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