Just For A Moment

Team: Michael O'Neill


A young adult seeks to reconnect with his home, past life and younger brother, through a late night soccer match. All that stands in his way is the physical distance between them, a faulty fuse and password protected wifi.


Team: Alexi Collins, Joshua Heaton


A silent film about a lonely man stranded on a deserted island who strikes up a relationship via messages in bottles.


Chick Chick

Team: Kevin Anderson


A little girl, Kara, stays with her grandmother because her parents are fighting. There, she befriends a chicken, but her grandmother is not comfortable with her close relationship with the chicken. Her grandmother persuades her mother to take Kara home. Kara gives the chicken a can-phone before she leaves, so that she can continue to communicate with the chicken.

To help her parents reconcile, Kara gives a can-phone to her parents too. And she tells the chicken about it although she knows the chicken will not reply. Or, does it?


Team: Hisstory Films


A man rides his motorbike around the city. As he travels to various places, he hears about recent agricultural issues. And, discovers the conflicts among farmers, middlemen, and sellers.



Team: Mango Films


Fiona listens to her daughter's phone call almost every day. The two plan to meet in Hong Kong, but an unforeseen event happens.

In His Island

Team: Team Isla


A small fishing community is struggling to make ends meet, after an oil-spill. In that community, a pre-pubescent and cheerful young boy struggles with his identity, dreaming of becoming a mermaid.


Labasan ng Feelings sa Foodpark

Team: Mom's Spaghetti


Mackie, Dax and Roldan are three people trying to make the best of what they have. When a random Facebook event pops on their feed, they all take a chance on attending. Confronted by the event's guidelines and their own issues, the three discover that sometimes, all you need is to scream out your feelings and somebody might just listen.

Ang Pader

Team: Third Generation Media and Films 


A painter goes about his daily job when he notices a message being slowly unveiled to him through the wall he’s supposed to clean up.



Team: Nicholas Chee, Don Aravind


“Sarah” is a heart wrenching, a uniquely Singaporean film of lost intercultural love, written and directed by Don Aravind. The film follows Karthik, a non-Muslim Indian man, through the Hari Raya festivities to an unplanned meeting.

The Red Packet

Team: Chng Ying Tong, Sufyan Sam'an


A Malay boy visits his Chinese maternal Grandmother during Chinese New Year and doesn't know the greetings in Mandarin. This film celebrates the unique and beautiful diversity of our nation as Chinese New Year isn't only celebrated by the Chinese majority.


A Family of the Stray Cats

Team: Team XXX


A Family of the Stray Cats is the story of Pee Sang, who works at Lumpini Park. He has been looking after stray cats for some ten years. During this time, his sacrifice has connected people’s lives in many unexpected ways.

Talk It Easy

Team: G.MarTher


Ploy works in a company where everyone keeps their head down, works quietly and tries not to make mistakes. Otherwise, they will be given The Red Card and fired from the company. Ploy, who just hopes to have a good life and be happy, works patiently and focusses on her work to avoid making mistakes. However, she realises something when she learns that her former co-workers, who were fired, decide to end their lives.