The Basics of Film Production 02

Are you ready to embark on the #5minvideochallenge journey, after reading our first article of ‘The Basics of Film Production 01’? The next in line of our Essential Production Kit, should complement your Pre-production plan in executing your short film.

Here are the 3 main stages in a production: Pre-production, production and post-production. We’ll be covering Production and Post-Production together, so get your cameras ready and let’s shoot!


Now comes the most fun part! You get to meet your crew and your cast (if you have one), and it's time to start crackin'. This is the process of pure generation.  This is rehearsal, costuming, set design and filming – the honest-to-goodness heart of your entire project.  Make sure to get all your work done in order, but don't forget to have fun. Your fun will show in the final product! Keep your larger vision in mind, but take note of all the little details you encounter as you complete filming, and be careful to cover everything that you have planned before. Your pre-production is your roadmap here.  Remember, if you fail to get everything you need, all the hard work you did during pre-production will go down the drain.

First Impressions


Once you say “that’s a wrap”, you should celebrate!  But your work’s not done yet so after the wrap party, it’s time to buckle down for the last stage.  Here's where you need to remember the larger vision you crystallized in pre-production, because the rest of your work will all be about making it real.  The magic of post-production is in seeing all your raw footage come together to make something beautiful, something that you've had in your head ever since the planning stages.

Second Chances


Editing is an art in and of itself. This is where the meaning behind your footage comes out – where you pull the story from the pieces you have created.
Rifling through seemingly endless hours of footage be a chore, but it's exactly what brings everything together, and brings each piece into its place.

Details - Be dramatic

This is where you can determine the role of sound in your story; where you can direct your audience’s attention to a particular character, facial expression, or scene. Your film’s genre and style will start to appear at this point.  Is your pacing frenetic with quick cuts from scene to scene?  Do you create dramatic tension with single-shots and expressive music?  Ask yourself constantly how each cut, choice, or pairing serves your larger vision. 

Now you're ready to go out there and start on your filmmaking journey. Remember to head out and find out more about the #5minvideochallenge submission criteria at:, and you are on your way to getting your voice heard.