Casting the Right Talents

The importance of casting the right people for your project cannot be overstated.  Your talent is the conduit by which your audience will engage with your message, and the right cast is integral to making your film a success.  

That’s a lot of pressure, and finding the right talent is usually a stressful process, but it doesn’t have to be! We’ve put together a guide to the process of selecting the right talent, so you can find the right actors for your unique vision!

First Impressions

Before any talent can make an impression on your audience, you have to make an impression on them. In your Casting Call, clearly state your film’s synopsis, a summary of the role, the project timeline and the expected compensation . Be clear on the specifics to attract the right talent and avoid double standards, or miscommunication down the line.

Second Chances

Take at least a month to carefully screen talents. Give yourself a longer period to do callbacks to filter down the pool even further. Remember, a talented actor may be having a bad day during the first audition but may thrive given the opportunity to perform again. If your gut says that someone can do better, give them a chance to do so.

Establish Credibility

You probably wouldn’t want to work for someone without knowing anything about them, right?  Well neither do actors.  Showcase the accolades of your filming crew to win your talent’s trust.  Displaying confidence in your crew puts your talents more at ease that this is a good project for their career, and allows them to focus on their role.

Stay Open-Minded

A stereotypical character can be played by different ethnicities or gender – don’t let anyone tell you otherwise! Unless a particular gender or ethnicity is overtly a part of your message, consider expanding your search beyond the usual suspects. Even if you think you know what a character should look like, ask yourself if they could be played by someone else.  You’d be surprised how often you find it works out even better than your original vision!

Foster Relationships

The most important part of casting and hiring talent is building relationships. Treat your cast genuinely and with respect. As a budding filmmaker, rumours in the film industry can easily burn your reputation, and despite romantic notions of old-school quirky directors, no one wants to work with someone who is disrespectful, unorganized, or unclear.  Remember to make allies and not enemies!